Failure is Part of Learning

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If you have read my previous article, I have mentioned that most successful people, they fail countless times before they become successful, try to Google, Oprah Winfrey and Walt Disney story. 

What makes them so special? Is it their amazing talent and intelligence? Maybe, but most experts point to something else, work ethic, tenacity, and a strong desire to not give up. They were willing to fail, many times. While most people would have quit after one big failure, they refused, instead they did what all accomplished people do. 

They embraced the success cycle which goes like this. (1) Try, (2) fail, (3) learn, (4) succeed. The first three steps, try, fail, learn, sometimes have to be repeated countless times to have one particular success. Any successful people, all follow the same pattern. Before you start to follow the same pattern, remember, you have to transform your view of failure into: Failure is Normal and Necessary. 

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