Authentication Mechanism for Securing School’s Computer Wireless Network

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Most of the schools in the world are using a computer system for supporting the teaching and learning process. It is a must for every educational institution to have a computer system, not only the high standard schools that are required to use computer systems but any schools are required to have a computer system. Nowadays many schools are already transformed from traditional schools into digital schools or E-school. Transforming schools into digital schools is going to spend billions, starting from they have to hire ICT consultants, buying the hardware and software, and training their teachers and staff. Most of the schools do not have that much money. So, what they are going to do is that they are trying to build a computer system with the money they have. With the limitation of knowledge and funding about ICT systems for schools, most of the time they missed the important part, the security. Wi-Fi is the most wanted technology in every corner of the world, the development of technology makes the demand for Wi-Fi is increased drastically. Implementing Wi-Fi is easy, but how to make it secure is not easy, with their limitation of funding and knowledge they tend to have Wi-Fi without adopting any security to make it secure. After doing research, Radius Server (both for authentication server and monitoring system) can help solve their problem with their limitation.