Be a Great Father for a Better Generation

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Educator and entrepreneur Satrio Pradono invites fathers to be great to produce a better generation. According to him, children who have a close relationship with their father will have better behavior. This is because based on research, a father’s involvement in parenting will make children better emotionally and academically. “Therefore, with all the life experiences we have, as fathers, we must try to educate our children and protect them for later life,” he said while filling in the 2017 Indonesian Great Fathers Movement seminar, in Jakarta, Saturday (18/11). He asked fathers to spend time with their children and engage in fun and educational activities. For example involving children in daily activities such as cleaning or tidying up the house, washing cars/motorcycles, spoons, forks, plastic plates, and others.

The father’s presence, he said, is not only physical but also mental when carrying out every activity with the child. For example, using technology. He explained that the father can also apply the use of technology wisely and according to the child’s age. Technology can also be used to kill time or create something more educational. For example, the use of tablets can also be used to create and program robots. Fathers also play a role in shaping the character of children. “As fathers, we inherit the knowledge of manners from our parents. Therefore, we are obliged to inherit this knowledge from our children, of course with a few adjustments so that it can be accepted by the development of the current generation,” he said.

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