Neuroscience: The Paleolimbic Brain

The Paleolimbic brain is the home of some of our unconscious scripts inherited from our education which regulates our life. There was the reptilian brain was aimed at the survival of the individual. The Paliolimbic brain is responsible for the

Kanban in Plain English?

Like Scrum, Kanban is just a framework for implementing Agile software development, except it’s not as strict as Scrum in terms of meetings and times. You may have actually seen what’s referred to as a Kanban board before. It’s just

Scrum in Plain English?

We know now that Agile is a philosophy for developing software in a lean and iterative way with plenty of collaboration between the team members, but what are the guidelines for putting it in place? There are two very popular Agile

Neuroscience: The Reptilian Brain

The reptilian brain is located deep inside the skull. It’s the home of our individual survival instincts and is responsible to deal with life threatening situations not to be technically correct. The term reptilian brain refers to the erroneous belief that

A Parent’s Role in Child’s Education

Sending your child to an expensive school does not guarantee that they will get a proper education. A proper education is when the teacher and parents are working together and are established in their own roles, either at home or

Failure is Part of Learning

If you have read my previous article, I have mentioned that most successful people, they fail countless times before they become successful, try to Google, Oprah Winfrey and Walt Disney story.  What makes them so special? Is it their amazing talent

The Structure of Mind: Schemas

As we all know, that human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Before we go deeper about the structure of mind: schemas, let’s try an experiment. What comes to your mind when I say “summer”? some

Demystified Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an incredibly powerful way to grow a business and to drive revenue. But if you’re new to digital marketing it can also be quite overwhelming there’s so many different marketing channels there’s so many different tactics and strategies.  The

The Psychology of Failure

Failure is always be part of our lives. There are no humans in this world that have never fail, in fact, most successful people, they fail countless times before they become successful. And we are going to learn how did